We are here for you, soldier.

Still can’t think straight. I’m worried about him but I know he’ll be okay. Everything’s going to be alright. He needs our prayers right now so let’s give it to him.


Leeteuk's father Park Yong In passed away from a car accident today

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@donghae861015: Rehearsing for the concert… Super Junior’s core, leader Teukie Teukie…… Leeteuk!! came out for vacation^^ Not long left!! ㅎㅎ SJ & ELF -Merry Christmas- God bless all ! 

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I’ve been here for about 2 years, but it’s my first time making a follow forever. I felt like Christmas is the perfect time to tell you how much I appreciate and love all of you.

To all my followers, I want to thank you for sticking up with me and putting up with my shit for all this time. This blog wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for following me and for supporting me whenever I need it. I love you <3

And now here is the list of the people that I will follow forever. I want to thank you all too, for being totally flawless and for making me happy with your updates, edits and gif sets. Some of you are my friends and some I’ve never talked to, but I appreciate you all the same. I’m more than happy to have you guys as friends; and for those that I haven’t talked to  - I’d be glad to get to know you ^__^

So yeah, here are the people who make me happy whenever I see them on my dash, and the people you should follow:

13elieve-in-15 | blueprincez | bonamama | comeonfallenstar | darkmyrs | donghaes2 | donghaeyah | donghais | duckflyfly | foreversujuelf | fyukjae | gaemq | gebriel | gwiyoming | haeass | haeface | haehyukyumin | haeppenis | heedictatorr | heegenious | heeminister | heepnotic | heesex | heewhore | hichol | hyuker | hyuktrail | hyukwoon | hyuncafe | iheart-kyu | kayjayxoxox | kidhae | kimyori | leeteukismylife | mahyuks | mingteukies | monkeiliipinkoholik | qhyunie | royalgengchul | rurouneko | shyupajunia | sluthae | sojuberry | sungminsi | superandyy | takemeawaytoseoul | welovehaehyuk

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Awwh, thank you so much for this ;____; <33 Merry Christmas honey! <33

mabbittrabbitt sent: Oh! I'm glad you saw my ff even if it's late lol ^^ Merry Christmas sweetie!! ♥️ ~tokkiteuk

Hi! Thank you so much, it’s really pretty haha. Have a merry Christmas sweetie!

//hugs// <33