eunhyukee44: Welcome back our leader! #MouthTeuk #RealLeader #AsForMeNowI’mDone (c)

kellychaiying sent: I have not seen your url on my dash in a long, long, long time~ :) welcome back~

Hi kelly!! Yeah, it’s been ages. I missed spazzing here and now SJ’s back (and teuk of course) I’m so excited to hang out here again just like the old times haha. Oh and thank you, I missed you <3

SJ leaving SM w/ Leeteuk!!

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10mv - Super junior

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syujus sent: floriaaan! hey its melody btw idk if you remember me ^^ anyways i just want to say im so glad to see you in my dash again ~ i hope i get to see more of your teuk spazzing heh yeah anyways have a good day! :)))

Hi melody! Of course I remember you! Aww thank you! It feels refreshing to hang out here again and I’m happy to see Teuk posts all over my dash. I love it! Hihi let’s see! I miss spazzing here anyway especially now that Teuk has been released from the army and we have SJ’s comeback. It’s getting exciting!

Have a great day too bb! 

epikleader said: LOLZ all angel ELFs blog have been like this for the past two years ♥ glad ur back senpai ;P

Aw thanks for welcoming me back. I actually don’t know if I’m gonna be active again because I have school but let’s see. :)

haeppenis said: WELCOME BACKKKKK <3

Hi sweetie! Thanks! <3

hyukwoon said: yay!! welcome back florian<3333

HI Donna! How are you? Missed you and thanks <3

onecrimsonphoenix said:Welcome back!! Oh gosh, I still remember the posts on the day he enlisted. Time just flew! I’m so excited right now

Yes me too, time flies so fast! He’s now officially back and we just have to wait for their upcoming album. I’m stoked! :D

sj-andanteuk sent: Welcome back!!! I missed you! Hope you're doing well! :D

Awh that’s so sweet of you! I missed you too! I really missed being here, it’s been a while since I last spazzed here with you guys <3

cr: 朴正洙回家我娶你

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@donghae861015: Lee Teuk is back !! After few hrs later !! SJ coming soon

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Hello people!

It’s me!! Oh well, I won’t get surprised if you don’t remember me anymore, it’s been ages since I logged in here. I just want you guys to know that I am so thankful for those people who are still following me right at this moment.

SJ’s making their comeback soon, as well as Jungsoo so yeah. Haha

It’s great hanging out here again, i love you all and thank you for staying with this blog!